Soul to Soul Workshop

Energetic Freedom One Day Soul-to-Soul Workshop (Bali)

Set in the beautiful and luxurious Villa Pondok Nino amidst the lush environs of Canggu, this workshop is an opportunity to connect with people of like mind, heart, and soul. 

The workshop is limited to six, which promises you the maximum possible individual attention as well as every opportunity to connect with your fellow participants on a soul-to-soul level. 

This day is all about you taking time ‘in”.  Time to be inspired by the people you are sharing the day with and to connect with your soul.  To gently unravel what it is you want for yourself, to hold your fears in a safe and gentle space so you can go beyond them and ground your yearnings and desires in the peace and love of your heart. 

It is a day for discovering the joy of coming home to yourself and of opening your heart and soul to the possibility of God’s dream for you.  A dream that is more abundant, beautiful, profound, and magnificent than anything you could possibly dream for yourself.  With Shelly’s guidance and love, you will come to know that you truly can live inside this dream. 

All you need to do is commit to yourself and give your soul the gift of this unique and healing day. 


The Soul-to-Soul Workshop Includes:

Healing work with Shelly Towns
Lunch (with the option of a lunchtime swim)


How The Soul-to-Soul Day Is Organised

Registration at 9.00am
Morning program from 9.30 to 12.30
Lunch from 12.30 to 2.30 (includes time just to relax or have a swim – just bring your towel)
Afternoon program 2.30 to 5.00


Energetic Freedom Soul-to-Soul Dates

Saturday, February 16


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