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About Shelly Towns


Shelly Towns is a genuine, real, vibrant, and grounded spiritual healer who is committed to guiding people on their journey to wholeness and fulfilment.

Shelly’s understanding of human behavior, her communication skills, her non-judgment, and her capacity to clearly identify what is happening in the mind, body, and spirit of others are undeniable. 

She uniquely combines psychological techniques with the love and gentleness of spirituality to create trust and confidence in all who consult her.

Shelly’s gift is an innate, God-given, divinely inspired ability to heal others with her deep muscle bodywork and body psychotherapy. I know this because I have been lucky enough to have had extensive personal “hands on” experience of her gift and how it has transformed my life.



When the body gives up its resistance to love and releases its long-held wounding – commonly experienced as pain, grief, rage, resentment, and blame – then healing can happen.  It is difficult to achieve this for yourself.  Mostly, the safety, support, and love of a healer are essential.

Using body-mind somatic therapy, breath work, and deep muscle body work, in conjunction with her intuition, Shelly skilfully guides her clients to release these blocks. As this release happens, the healing flow of energy to the affected areas increases. In this way, wonderful deep transformations take place in all levels of their lives.


Shelly has been able to pin – point with divinely inspired accuracy what and where my energy is blocked and held in my body, energy that has been suppressed from certain childhood traumas and/or experiences, and through her bodywork has been able to release the pain, fear, anger and suppressed emotions, freeing me from the negative effects of those traumas and experiences for ever.



Shelly’s dedication to her gift of love and healing is spiritually guided and divinely inspired.  It is a gift from and of Divine light, and it is an act of Divine praise.  Healing is experienced as deep nurturing, an unshakeable knowing that you are loved and lovable, and a return to the state of joy you were born in.

Shelly’s connection to spirit, her certainty about who she is and what she does, and her commitment to love are what make these assertions unassailable.

It is not the environment in which Shelly works – her rooms in Perth and Albany, her Villa in Bali, or the holy place of worship at the top of the ancient and sacred Besakih Temple – but her presence, love, and connection to those people with whom she works and to those divine sources who work through and with her which create a sacred and profound place of healing for all those who are guided to her.


I can’t put into words just how grateful and grace-filled I feel having experienced the gift of Shelly’s healing and presence over the last year. I have experienced the release of my pain, and have rediscovered joy and love in my life. I feel whole, happy, and fully alive.

With the support of Shelly’s “special gift”, I have transformed from a shy, introverted, fearful, closed, and rigid person, to a much more loving, open, giving, trusting, and physically and emotionally free and expressive being.

I am becoming free at last. Free to live my dreams and to be who I have always wanted to be – fully me!

Because of this, I am now finally giving to the world my own “special gift”, my singing.