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The first time I did a Bali retreat with Shelly, I remember being concerned with the cost of the retreat and it being value for money. I had never spent that kind of money on myself. The retreat itself was awesome and transformational and the temple day with Shelly and Mangku Jati is very special. Just after the retreat, my current partner showed up. I have since done two more Bali retreats, and now know that I AM worth spending that much money on, and so are the retreats.

J, 2017


The journey of the soul is to return to the heart and to surrender to the love and light that is within. Facing and transforming the negativity and unconscious resistance we are burdened by, learning to understand yourself, and healing on all levels of consciousness is the only way to find the peace and true emotional fulfilment your soul is seeking. Bali, with its extraordinary spirit of kindness, is the perfect place to undertake this journey.

Balinese people radiate happiness and are constant in their connection to faith and to their gentle spirit. It is impossible to be among these loving people and not learn lessons of gratitude, of living in the moment, of generosity, and kindness. The Bali smile is real. It inspires and it enlightens.

Knowing this, Energetic Freedom offers unique, exclusive, and intimate healing retreats in peaceful Canggu, Bali.


Home is in the heart

Sanctuary is in the heart

Love is in the heart

Truth is in the heart.

It is time to wake up to your glorious, rightful,

powerful authentic truth

Shelly Towns


Bali Shambala Holistic Retreats

The Bali Soul Revive Retreat is Energetic Freedom’s signature. Held at Energetic Freedom’s luxurious Villa Shambala, this retreat is offered every month and runs over six nights in the secluded lush, green, and beautiful landscape of Canggu.

These profound,  life-changing retreats focus on all aspects of being: emotional, physical and spiritual. They have been specifically created to open your body and mind and deepen your connection to your own spirit – allowing you to attune to the spirit of Bali. They promote conscious awareness, deep healing, and emotional peace for anyone wishing to take a personal healing journey.

Facilitated by Shelly Towns, each retreat includes meditation, massage, yoga, breath work, and cathartic release process work. The synergistic effect of these experiences, enable and enhance self-awareness and self-esteem. Learning to understand yourself, and to heal on all levels of consciousness, is the gateway to your true emotional fulfilment and peace.

The ultimate healing of this retreat happens on the final day with a guided spiritual tour of the ancient and sacred Besakih Temple. It is here you will experience the spiritual connection between Shelly and the Balinese Mangku (Holy Man). The combination of this connection and their extraordinary individual, ensure you of an incredibly unique and powerful spiritual healing in the sacred place at the top of the temple. There is also the opportunity for an additional Temple healing with Shelly and Mangku Jati on the Friday following the retreat.


Every aspect of the Soul Revive retreat in Bali was like being wrapped in a soft, warm blanket of love and healing.  Shelly was truly in her element, and the cumulative and profound effect of the daily sessions with her cannot be over stated. They were, quite simply, life changing. On top of that, the team of people Shelly has gathered to her to provide services such as yoga, meditation, driving, cooking and over-seeing the Villa are truly delightful, eager to please, and so friendly.

The retreat culminated in a powerful temple tour and healing with Shelly and the Mangku.  What an extraordinary privilege to surrender to the compassion and healing energy of these two loving and attuned human beings in such an ancient and sacred setting.

Commit to yourself, commit to love, commit to healing, and get your soul to Bali!

Kerry N


What is Included

  • Airport transfers
  • 6 nights Accommodation at Villa Shambala, Canggu
  • Daily program with Shelly Towns
  • Besakih Temple Tour and healing with the Mangku and Shelly
  • Daily yoga
  • One (1) Balinese healing massage, and one (1)Healing Hands massage with Dany
  • Surf lesson (optional, but great fun)
  • Meals: breakfast and lunch daily, two (2) evening meals

NOTE: You will need to book your own flights and arrange your own travel insurance


 Dates for Energetic Freedom Bali Shambala Holistic Retreats

  • To be announced