Besakih Temple Spiritual Healing Tour

Your experience at Besakih Temple begins before you enter the temple as you put on your sarong and sash, and headwear if you are a man. In this holy place, the wearing of these items is a ritual robing, a tangible connection to the ancient energy of the temple, and a symbolic connection with the others in your group. You are ready.

The next step on your healing journey is crossing into the temple to meet the Mangku.

He has a warm, gentle and reassuring presence. You cannot fail to notice the genuine connection, joy and ease with which he and Shelly greet each other.

You will also be touched by his calm confidence and gentle grace as he greets you.

Once offerings for the blessings have been gathered, the ascent through the temple begins. The Mangku leads the way and you may walk alongside or behind whatever you prefer. You may chat quietly or maintain silence. The only things required of you are reverence and respect.


There are many levels to the Temple and many paths leading to them. The Mangku chooses the journey. Along the way he will stop to explain the significance of a level, a gateway or some specific architecture.

Two or three times during the ascent to the healing temple you will be offered a blessing. The Mangku will inform you of the Gods who are being asked to bestow the blessing and the gifts they offer. This is so you can set your own intention and request. The ritual of the blessings includes burning incense, offering flowers, private prayer, and being anointed with holy water. They are simple and profound, and they are your preparation for the culmination of the tour – your personal healing with the Mangku and Shelly.spiritual healer bali, spiritual healing bali, healer in bali, spiritual retreats, retreats in bali

Your healing takes place in a small temple in one of the high places of Besakih. On arrival, the Mangku will take himself apart for a few moments of private prayer.


On his return to the group, the Mangku will direct you to be seated in readiness for your healing. You hold your place in repose and silence and with closed eyes. In this way you prepare for your healing and bear reverent witness to the healing of others.

Your healing will begin with Shelly behind you and the Mangku in front of you. Shelly and the Mangku connect energetically with each other and physically with you. Through those connections their combined energy, love and divine gift will facilitate your healing. 

Your healing experience at Besakih Temple with Shelly and the Mangku is a powerful cathartic emotional release.  This deep personal healing is assisted by setting your own intention to grow and evolve, by your willingness to surrender the control of your ego, which in turn, allows the limitless healing power of love, grace and self-acceptance to flow freely through you.

Join us on this journey back to the core of yourself and find your sense of peace and stillness, that exists in each and every one of us.


The final phase of your healing journey, is stepping back into the world. And what a world it is. To the side of the temple is a small grassed area which opens onto a view that could well be the top of the world. You will stand there and feel the cool breeze on your body and the joy of being alive in your heart. You will look out at the flat-topped trees which no longer have to reach for the sun because they have no need to compete for it.

And as you look at this awesome sight you may realise that, like the trees, you do not need to compete for what sustains you. You may find yourself bursting with gratitude for the healing you have just received and for the love that surrounds you.

Energetic Freedom 

Besakih Temple Spiritual Healing Tour


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