Welcome to a small preview of our sacred healing at the Mother Temple of BaliBesakih Temple, with spiritual healer Shelly Towns and Mangku. Spiritual Retreats, spiritual healings in Canggu and Besakih Temple are available every month.

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Spiritual healer Bali, spiritual retreat

My heart loves to love, with love, everything is possible, all wounds can heal and peace can be yours 

Spiritual healing

Spiritual healing at Besakih Temple, Bali



Everyone needs a soft place to fall, a sacred moment of our spiritual Bali retreat at Besakih Temple. Always an honour and a blessed privilege for Shelly the spiritual healer to take people on a healing journey back to the deep peace and contentment that resides within the core of their own heart.

Spiritual healing in Bali

Sacred moment with Spiritual healer



And after the healing… Mutual joy and much love is felt. Soul Revive Retreat Bali, Besakih Temple spiritual tour day. Contact us for Spiritual healings in Canggu Bali or Spiritual tours at Besakih Temple, Bali.

Spiritual healing in Bali

Captured bliss after spiritual healing