Conscious Awareness Development Group

Created for a group of Soul’s who co-creatively wish to learn, grow, evolve and transcend.

Over 6 weeks, you will join together on an ever deepening and expansive exploration of your Soul’s journey and intention for this life, and in turn, how this relates to your human experience of limitations and emotions.

Learning on all levels of consciousness, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, energetically and physically, in a committed group, enhances your opportunity to develop deep understanding, acceptance, and compassion for others, and in doing so, intrinsically, automatically, giving this gift to yourself.

As you allow yourself to surrender to a divinely guided, unfolding weekly process, your layers of resistance will gradually fall away, you will find yourself more and more in your own lane, the centre of who you are, and will understand from a felt sense, the difference between the voice within, vs the voices in your head.

Working together on a regular basis, facilitates an opportunity to develop
Understanding and implementation of healthy boundaries

With healthy boundaries, brings:
Connection and intimacy

With connection and intimacy, creates:
A space to learn to unconditionally give and receive support

This safe container of unconditional support, provides:
A place when you can be heard, seen, validated, and in turn learn to truly hear, see and validate others in their own individual and unique truth.

As you bravely explore, and reveal all that has been holding you back, and as you willingly surrender the control of your ego, this provides a platform to:
Unlock the blocks and limitations of your conscious mind, raises your awareness, and open you to your higher mind, and your own psychic abilities and gifts.

What will we cover?

Whatever your Souls co-creatively wish to learn.

There will be no lesson plan as such, Shelly does not pre plan any workshop, retreat, or individual healing appointment. Her preparation, is always to connect to Spirit, to transcend her ego, and surrender to guidance. Her intention is to always listen for the answer to any question she is asked, and to allow the message of truth to flow through her. Shelly teaches from and with her heart and soul, and has no personal agenda, other than to be of service, wherever, and whenever that is meant to be, and to whom is meant to hear the wisdom and guidance she channels.

There are no accidents, if you are called to join, your desire to learn, your unique questions, and the infinitely perfect co-creation of you gathering together in this moment will be the subject matter for each special circle of love and learning.

What’s included:

  • 6 weeks of divinely guided group 3 hour intensive sessions
  • An opportunity to challenge and overcome limiting beliefs, and unconscious resistance
  • In the container of Oneness, an ever deepening experience of the power and blessing of co-creation, mutual support and understanding of shared pain, which leads to a deeper connection to self, and in turn each other.
  • Support from Kerry (Shelly’s personal assistant) via email for the duration of the course. Plus a weekly check in via WhatsApp
  • Encouraged group text/email support between each other in your unique shared journey
  • A personal journal for your use
  • Celebratory lunch to conclude your journey

“There are these moments, in everyone’s life that longs for a deeper connection within themselves, whether it is more joy, more love, more peace, more bliss. These moments sometimes come as a crisis, sometimes as a gentle whisper from the soul, sometimes from being in a sad or difficult place, sometimes by pure fate or a push from their loved ones leading them there. Whatever the reason that has brought you to the journey of finding yourself, once embarked, living in your authentic self is the reward.”


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