Deep Muscle Bodywork

Deep Muscle BodyWork is specifically intended to harmonize the relationship between your mind, body, and spirit.

Designed to support and assist you in releasing the pain of the past, this technique combines deep tissue bodywork with powerful breathing and acupressure. When we have pain or trauma stored in the body we need to feel it in order to heal it. Only when we bring to the surface of our mind and our physical bodies those deeply buried wounds, can we begin to consciously release them and experience greater peace. The intention is always to dissolve the blockages to your life force which then permits energy to flow freely to and from your heart. The results are the realization of your potential, effective change where you desire it, and deep transformation in all levels of your life. In the absence of pain in the body, only love and joy remain. Deep Muscle Bodywork appointments are only available to clients who have previously worked with Shelly.

“Yesterday I received a body work session from Shelly and it truly was one of the most profound healings of my life. The depth Shelly guided me to is what I can only describe as a depth similar to a VERY DEEP plant medicine journey. The trauma and pain from not only this life time but from previous life times released out of my body as i journeyed to being totally out of my body in a whole other dimension of my soul / higher self witnessing and feeling fear, trauma and what I can only describe as utter darkness that has kept me distorted and disconnected to love FINALLY left my body.

Shelly was like an angel working with other angels in other realms as she worked on my body. I had no control over all the movements of my body as it spiraled, shook and mudras of another dimensions language communicated through me as it worked with Shelly to remove the density from me. It was the most surrendered I have ever been and that’s truly thanks to Shelly because of the safety she provides and the fact that it’s quite obvious she’s working with these higher dimensions of healing love. I honestly can’t recommend more, I’ve already decided I want to keep receiving them more often as it’s just quite indescribable how deep and profound the experience is.”


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