Healing Session

For Individuals

The healing work is a co-creation, and Shelly will empower you by explaining its not her task to do it for you, but to guide you, using her guides to heal yourself.

On meeting with Shelly, she will discuss the issue that brought you to see her. Throughout the conversation, Shelly uses her gift as an empath to connect with, and tune into the emotional disturbances/traumas that held in the physical body, pain body of the energy field and stored in the subconscious mind. As Shelly is listening with her body, she is also using her gift as a medium and is channeling incredibly accurate information for you from spirit, and directly from the voice of your own soul.
All healing processes are different and Shelly will adapt each session according to your individual needs. Using a combination of breath work and body work, and the powerful force of energy that flows through her.

With close physical proximity, Shelly’s connection to with you intensifies. When she is close to you, you will feel her energy moving through you before she even has contact with your physical body.

With Shelly’s guidance, you will be actively engaged in your own healing process. To assist you in releasing the trapped energy, her hands are drawn to the areas of your body where you are holding/suppressing these long held emotions from the past. As she connects to these areas, Shelly will often see images of past memories, and can clearly hear your voices of the past, which she will repeat back to you, which clients often say they find they feel truly seen and validated. However, ultimately it is you who are healing yourself, your willingness to surrender your ego, embrace your shadow, and let go of all belief systems, and finding the truth of who you really are, is a gift you are giving to yourself.

Your session concludes with a ten minute meditative resting period for integration and balance.

Yesterday was powerful beyond words! In all 20 years of seeing healers, i have never been able to release in any way like that. It was a full “exorcism” and i am quite raw, but relieved by feeling like a lot was faced. I am in awe at how Shelly is able to assist in opening that space, that not even plant medicine could, to hold that kind of space of trust and that enable me to do that depth of work that i was ready for.

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