Soothe Your Soul

A Sacred Water Blessing For Women. “Water is a representation of wisdom, peace, and purity.

For some time now the guides have been presenting me with a vision for this delightful workshop.

Nearly every day, I spend some time in the pool at my work villa, meditating and preparing for the day. Along with connection to the sun, the rain, the clouds in the sky, the gentle breeze, sounds of nature, or sometimes music; I use the collective healing vibration of all the elements and allow myself to be immersed in a womb of love and acceptance.

Allowing my body to deeply surrender to this daily blessing, gently releases any held tension, tightness or blocked emotional energy, and prepares my mind, body and spirit to hold a powerful container of love for all who are destined to take a journey with me that day.

I now invite 4 lovely ladies to join me in my sacred waters.

This intimate workshop has been channelled with the intention of sharing the powerful life changing transformations, that can result from the sweetness of surrender.

Sometimes, we get caught up in trying to hard to heal, which can not only unconsciously imply we are broken, and have something to be fixed, it can also leave us feeling defeated and exhausted. We feel we constantly have to push, and be working on the ‘next thing’. This mere striving, creates even more resistance, which is one of the very things we are attempting to resolve.

In the gift of allowing to learn to slow down, tune into and listen to the voices and memories stored in your body, your emotional body and sensations, you make contact with aspects of yourself that have perhaps been ignored, overridden, or you may be completely unaware of, with the constant need to do.

Learning to be present with yourself calls your fragmented, fractured spirit home. As you quiet the mind noise, and have more moments of presence in your body, you begin to feel truly seen and heard. You begin to learn the value and understanding, that there is nothing you need to do, there is nothing you need to change, you are enough as you are.

“The spiritual meaning of water lies in its reflection of the human spirit and the interconnection of all creations.”

This powerful, yet gentle workshop:

  • Begins with a circle of love and learning. This lays your foundation for connection to yourself, and in turn with each other.
  • A guided meditation, with the intention to bring forth to your consciousness, all aspects of your Soul that are calling to you for release and resolution in this moment.
  • A channelled sacred water healing and blessing. Know you have powerfully manifested, and co-created this sublime experience. If are being called to join, you have chosen to be reminded of the power of simply letting go, and to awaken an ancient wisdom and knowledge of the divine feminine, that exists in each and every one of you.

What is Included:

  • A delicious vegetarian lunch
  • A fresh young coconut

NOTE: In order for you to maximise your experience, healing and learning, the workshop is limited to only four participants.

Be still the rushing waters
In the chambers of my mind
Flow gently down the stream of life
And leave the emptiness behind.

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