Know your Soul Retreat

Introducing our new format Bali Soul Revive Retreats, now to be known as Know your Soul Retreat.  This retreat runs over 6 nights, 7 days, and will be held in an oceanfront venue in the secluded lush, green, and beautiful landscape of Bali, Indonesia.

These profound, life-changing retreats focus on all aspects of being: emotional, physical and spiritual. They have been specifically created to open your body and mind and deepen your connection to your own spirit, allowing you to attune to the spirit of Bali. They promote conscious awareness, deep healing, and emotional peace for anyone wishing to take a personal healing journey.

Facilitated by Shelly Towns, each retreat includes meditation, breath work, and cathartic release process work. The synergistic effect of these experiences, enable and enhance self-awareness and self-esteem. Learning to understand yourself, and to heal on all levels of consciousness, is the gateway to your true emotional fulfillment and peace.

Balinese people radiate happiness and are constant in their connection to faith and to their gentle spirit. It is impossible to be among these loving people and not learn lessons of gratitude, of living in the moment, of generosity, and kindness. The Bali smile is real. It inspires and it enlightens.

Knowing this, Energetic Freedom offers unique, exclusive, and intimate healing retreats in peaceful Bali.

The journey of the soul is to return to the heart and to surrender to the love and light that is within. Facing and transforming the negativity and unconscious resistance we are burdened by, learning to understand yourself, and healing on all levels of consciousness is the only way to find the peace and true emotional fulfilment your soul is seeking. Bali, with its extraordinary spirit of kindness, is the perfect place to undertake this journey.

Each day on retreat is an inspired journey towards a clear, healthy, relaxed and empowered self.

Everyone is welcomed and cared for in a way that uniquely serves your needs. 

Melting into the truth of who you really are, to know your soul, is the greatest gift you can give to yourself, and the entire human race.

What is Included:

  • 6 nights accommodation 
  • All meals
  • Daily program with Shelly Towns 
  • Reviving massage 
  • Welcome gift 
  • Sacred blessing at Besakih Temple
  • Melukat Ceremony
  • Fire Ceremony 
  • Transport to and from the retreat
  • Trip to waterfall

What is not Included:

  • Flights, travel insurance 
  • Airport transfers (can be arranged for an additional fee) 
  • Dolphin tours (available daily at your own expense)

In this retreat, we will:

  • Get to know the many faces, voices and unconscious language of resistance.
  • Reconnect with spirit that resides in your own heart.
  • Leading to – an Increased ability to connect with others.
  • Understand meaning and healthy expression of personal boundaries.
  • Increased vitality, energy, health, agility and release from muscular tension.
  • Clarity on personal issues.
  • How we create and recreate our own experiences 
  • Know the difference between external and internal power.
  • Lift the veil to your own higher mind, and other dimensions.
  • Align with your souls individual purpose.
  • Learn how to connect with, and understand the language of the body-mind energy field.
  • Learn how to accept, embrace, understand and transmute the dense, or fragmented energy of your shadow.
  • Ask me anything – Bring me your questions, and together we can deepen the path of learning, growing, and evolving as our souls have intended.

If you would like to request a space on this exclusive retreat

“A life changing and real experience: Although some ‘retreat’ style elements are included in this experience, the word retreat isn’t something I would call this overall event. The work with Shelly is powerfully dynamic, filled with raw emotion, and not for the faint hearted. I can thank this experience for allowing me to clear some of my blocks, and finally start to see truth in my life and its direction. I am so grateful that Shelly has shared her incredible gift with me, and the energy she has put into this unique experience. A massive thank you to Shelly and her team. I hope I get the opportunity for further experiences with you.”
B McMillan

Please contact us if you have any questions