Pendulum Workshop



Pendulum day is not simply understanding how to use a pendulum – it is so much more.


Each participant will experience a deep healing process, and gain a deep understanding of their own, and other’s energy system.  Understanding the blocks to consciousness that are held in the mind, body and energy field, raising awareness and personal vibration, allowing a beautiful, deep heartfelt connection to each other – We are one.

See the Pendulum working on your own energy centres, enabling you to see clearly the current disharmony in the flow of your life force.  You are extensions of source energy.

These are small intimate workshops, and can be very uplifting and can raise your energy vibration to incredible new levels.  The group dynamic creates a powerful co-creation of desire and intention to heal at a very deep level.  We truly are one, and the shared healing journey creates a container of love and connection, which is felt by all. 

  • Observe Shelly using the Pendulum on others.
  • See the indisputable evidence of the powerful and instant effect your thoughts have on your energy field.
  • Learn from Shelly as she works.  It is affirming and very exciting to see what Shelly is saying instantly verified in the swings, circles, and stillness of the Pendulum.

In order for you to maximise your experience, healing and learning, the workshop is limited to only four participants. 


Pendulum Day Testimonial 

Having done many energy retreats with Shelly, “Pendulum Day” is by far one of my favourite days! I love how such a simple item in the right hands, can effectively highlight imbalances in your body/energy field, which always seem to uniquely correlate with what is going on for you in your life at that time.  The way that Shelly teaches you how to understand not only what the pendulum is doing, but why it’s doing it, is very enlightening and then comforting to watch how that effectively guides Shelly through the process of releasing the blockages which are prohibiting your chakras from flowing freely. To see a complete turn in your energy field after the energy release is not only great validation of how energy works, but is also akin to watching a magic trick right before your very eyes!.  This process is great for any level of energy work, in fact, I love personally love seeing new people’s faces in awe as the process unfolds. To experience a pendulum reading, from Shelly in particular reviewing the health of your chakras, is very insightful and a great introduction to the remarkable skill set that Shelly offers her clients.



The Pendulum Workshop Includes:

A Pendulum to use and keep

An individual healing with Shelly

A delicious vegetarian lunch

A fresh young coconut


Registration : 9.00am – 9.20am

Morning session : 9.30am – 12.30pm 

Lunch : 12.30pm – 2.00pm

Afternoon session : 2.00pm – 5.00pm 


To be announced


These workshops fill quickly and are eagerly anticipated.  Please contact us by either using the booking form below, sending an email to or by calling or messaging via WhatsApp on +61 404 716 617.

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