Soul revive retreat


These profound, life-changing retreats focus on all aspects of being: emotional, physical and spiritual. They have been specifically created to open your body and mind and deepen your connection to your own spirit, allowing you to attune to the spirit of Bali. They promote conscious awareness, deep healing, and emotional peace for anyone wishing to take a personal healing journey.

Besakih Temple Spiritual Healing Tour


Your healing takes place in a small temple in one of the high sacred places of Besakih Temple. Shelly and the Mangku connect energetically with each other and physically with you. Their combined energy, love, and divine gifts facilitate your healing. The experience is one of powerful release made possible by your courage, and surrender to the limitless love, acceptance, and grace flowing to you.

Know Your Soul Retreat


On this transformational immersion we will transcend distortions, conditionings and the belief systems of our ego & who our ego identifies as. Through deep healing and remembering we surrender to the knowing of truth. Healing on all layers of consciousness, we journey through the burdens and shackles of resistance & pain we are subconsciously trapped in and journey home to what we already know on a soul level; that we are so much more than we could ever have dreamt of.