Just before I left Bali, I was able to get a last minute appointment with Shelly. I had heard amazing things about her sessions from some friends that I had made in Canggu, and I knew I had to see her before I left.

Everything was incredibly smooth in terms of getting the session set up, and I am very appreciative to her PA, Kerry, for making it all so straight forward and for the clear communication up front and being so lovely over the first exchanges on WhatsApp.

When I arrived I was greeted by Shelly and instantly felt drawn to her soft, warm and magnetic energy. For me and my healing, it has been incredibly clear that where I am with it, I work better with a space holder who creates a deeply safe container. It didn’t take long for me to feel instantly safe in her presence – which ultimately enabled me to go to some places with my healing I hadn’t been able to reach before.

Shelly is incredible at what she does. For me the healing this time was around inner child healing. Shelly made my little me feel safe to express, to feel, to de-armour and to release a lot of stored grief, resentment, anger and tears, to name a few. This for me was the first big breakthrough I had in this stage of my process.

Shelly was even able to guide me to events in my childhood that, I assume, I had blocked out due to being very painful for me to experience fully. At the end of the session I was met with pure unconditional love filling my being, it was an incredibly heart opening moment for me.

I never felt out of my depth, or beyond my limits… in fact I felt a huge sense of empowerment whilst going through the different stages of the session.

I would like to say a big thank you to Shelly for being a big part in my Bali journey, for helping me to alchemise some of my pains into power. I will definitely be visiting Shelly when I am back in Bali.