“I am so grateful that Shelly offers distance healings. I have worked with her in-person a lot and it’s a blessing that I can continue working with her for the time that I am not in Bali. The distance healing was just as incredible as an in-person session. I felt very safe throughout the whole session. She helped me clear out a lot of shame that I was holding on to. She gave me a lot of reflections on topics I was struggling with, which brought so much lightness and clarity in. It also helped me to feel so much more connected to myself and to source again. I felt so seen and heard and I always love how she is able to bring so much humor into a session as well. I am beyond blessed and grateful that I have crossed paths with Shelly. Everything within me and my life has shifted drastically since working with her. Shelly helped me so much in coming back to my true self and coming into alignment with my soul’s purpose and I could not thank her enough for that.”