The Immersion

This 8 week transformational mentorship is for anyone already in service or those who are already deeply devoted to their inner growth…

I am often asked if I can teach what I do, and the simple answer is no.

I can’t teach you what I do, but what I can do is help guide you into finding your own soul’s plan, and awaken to your soul’s intention, and unique footprint you came here to leave.

I passionately love what i do, i love every aspect of my work. Every day is fulfilling and rewarding. My personal energy is ever evolving and continuing to expand, and this in turn, sends an invitation out to more and more people to come to me for deeper understanding, learning and growth. This is truly a blessing, and I am humbled and grateful to follow this calling.

– Shelly

Our 8 week mentorship program is designed with the intention to co-create a journey of self-discovery, to enhance a deeper awakening of the amazing authentic self. A powerful step in transcending the duality of the ego, and alignment with your Soul’s plan. Over these 8 weeks you will receive in depth spiritual guidance and coaching. These energetic and emotional clearing sessions enable you to explore your limiting belief systems, and unconscious resistance.

Having the courage and integrity to face and embrace your own shadow is an enormous gift to yourself and all those you hold space for. The deeper you bravely take yourself on an inner soul searching journey, and walk the inner path of healing, the more you can shine a light for others to follow. Transcending your ego, allows your innate and unique gift to the world to fully emerge. A mind, body and soul embodiment of truth, elevates you to lead and teach from your heart, encompassing your love, your spirit, an inner knowing, and an ancient wisdom which can be felt by all.

With each explorative session, you will be brought back into self, a remembrance of who you truly are. This deep soul work leads to an ever deepening connection to the divine source that you emanate from. Resulting in a profound inner knowing of your true soul essence.

This mentorship is for you if you are:

  • Willing to look at your own shadow and ready to take radical responsibility to integrate these aspects of yourself
  • Committed to moving out of your comfort zone and exploring a new, connected way of being
  • Having desire to deepen your emotional connections
  • Deep down, you know that you can have it all
  • Ready to take full responsibility to show up and do the work yourself
  • Knowing that it is you and only you that can do the work and make the necessary changes, and are not expecting an outside source to do this for you
  • Ready to make courageous, bold decisions in your life
  • Wanting to be the authentic leader of your own life
  • You have previously worked with Shelly and you wish to go deeper in your exploration

Note: If you do not feel like you are committed to the above statements, or you are not quite there yet – we suggest starting with 1:1 sessions until you are ready to fully commit to this transformational journey.

Will this work for me?

  • YES!  When you commit to keeping agreements made during your sessions.
  • YES!  When you have a strong intention to allow the release of anything that doesn’t serve your highest good.
  • YES!  If you are willing to explore the many faces, and many voices of resistance.
  • YES!  If you are willing to stay present and conscious in your body throughout your sessions.
  • YES!  If you are willing to surrender to the process.

What will you get?

  • A weekly 2 hour mentorship session, with tasks to be completed in between sessions.
  • Phone access to Shelly’s assistant, Kerry.
  • Email access to Shelly.

Is your soul ready to receive this level of support?

Shelly’s work is life-changing!

I was living a life trapped in darkness and I was afraid of everything. This was until I started working with Shelly. The journey so far has been challenging, scary and not easy at times but the outcome is so worth it.

My growth had been slow until the last few years when it started to escalate. This was when Shelly started to practice in Bali and we were doing phone consults. The work intensified so much, it had me tapping into places I had been previously too scared to own and acknowledge.

Because of this expanded growth, I recently participated in Shelly’s 8 week Mentorship Program. It was and still is phenomenally life-changing! Everything is so positively different now. I am so happy and grateful to Shelly to have been part of this, it just blows me away how much I have changed.

With Shelly’s incredible lessons, guidance and full support, plus an abundance of unconditional love and patience, I am finally starting to practice self-love and starting to feel my self-worth. This is huge for me as in the past these things were practically non-existent. I’m acknowledging more behaviours and experiencing so much more joy and happiness.

From someone who’s life has dramatically changed, I highly recommend Shelly to support you in your soul’s healing journey to find your authentic self.

Thank you Shelly xx


Please contact us if you have any questions