“I had been looking for a good healer for a long time before i had my first session with Shelly. With “good” i meant someone who could help me heal for real, i wasn’t interested in temporary shifts and changes. I was disappointed most of the time as lots of healers didn’t live up to their promising words.

I wanted to wait before sharing my experience with Shelly, as I was curious to see if the changes I felt (beginning after our very first session) would stay. And they stayed, and have only become deeper.

I can’t describe with words how grateful i am to the work Shelly is doing, the transformation i feel is everything I’ve ever longed for.

It’s not for the faint hearted though, as you need a deep willingness to face all your “stuff”. Shelly isn’t doing that for you, but with you. The truth about yourself, the ugly and the beautiful, will be fully embraced and therefore transformed.”