“First of all THANK YOU!

The healing session that I had with you was intensely amazing on many levels.

It is hard to explain all of the emotions felt in that hour, but I knew it was very well guided and trusted you from the first moment.

It took me back to those moments where my old beliefs were created.

The pain, the negativity, the shame, the guilt etc were expressed for the very first time after many years.

During I felt a release, a healing energy and freedom.

Afterwards I went to the beach, sat on the sand and enjoyed the beautiful nature.

I was really exhausted and I had a sleep.

When I was going to sleep, I still felt all the energy moving in my body. Incredible!

I now feel more at peace, my back is relaxed, which is strange for me, as it was always up in knots.

Even my throat is less tight.

Thank you in all my heart, you are an incredible Healer!”