“I feel like I’ve been born again, not in an evangelical way but like my soul is more dominant rather than my ego, not needing to swear or get wasted, I am addiction free which was a huge goal of mine, the deep deep anger has gone.

I gave a serpent like creature to the holy man when he was healing me, I drew a picture of it and tore it to pieces and threw it away. My fear was of the serpent that was in me, It’s tail wrapped around the base of my spine and its face and big teeth sat on the left side of my head it would terrorize me and scare me, might sound mad, but that’s what I saw and felt.

I have made progress towards the stressors of my day, I can let it go and trust more, the unbearable boredom is gone, and I have a healthy detachment toward others. I pray God lets me serve him more; I have a strong desire to be closer to God, to truly come from peace, love and gratitude all the time.

I am grateful for the peace I now have, I thought it would go away, but it’s part of me now as a direct result of my experience in Bali.

Please offer my regards to your Bali team, especially the beautiful cleaning lady who showed me gratitude.

You and your work are important.”