About Us

Shelly is a world-class somatic healer, intuitive guide and activator of the life force within you.

With over 20 years of hands-on work with thousands of clients, her work is precise, rapid and transformational. Her innate gift gives her access to see, hear and feel the distortions existing in your energy field lodged from past trauma, and where outdated belief systems are blocking you from experiencing your wholeness.

What can take countless hours in therapy can be transmuted in minutes with Shelly. Her clear channel directs her straight to the source, whilst placing the healing firmly in your hands. The result? A surrender to the truth of who really and a clear pathway to living the life and having the impact you are here to have in this world.

From the moment I was in Shelly’s presence, I could feel her power. The way she guided my experience and held me with such precision, has left me in absolute awe as I continue to reflect on, and recount what happened in the session.

It was truly God’s work.


Shelly has been able to pin – point with divinely inspired accuracy what and where my energy is blocked and held in my body, energy that has been suppressed from certain childhood traumas and/or experiences, and through her bodywork has been able to release the pain, fear, anger and suppressed emotions, freeing me from the negative effects of those traumas and experiences for ever.


Shelly’s purpose is to help people reconnect with their spirituality, their hearts, therefore their authentic self. She also inspires and teaches people how to empower themselves, to overcome their fears and doubts, to reclaim their own faith and personal power, and to have the courage to live their dreams. With this guidance and assistance, people can achieve their full and true potential, and grow to understand, as they change their energy, they change their life.

Shelly offers exclusive and intimate provision of guidance, teaching, healing, and transcendental nurturing experiences, for your mind, body and soul. These opportunities for personal growth and expansion include Depression, Eating Disorders, Relationship Issues, Low Self-Esteem, Financial Problems, Traumas, Sexuality Issues, Sexual Abuse, Anger Management, Anxiety, Lethargy, Stress, Low Motivation, Physical Symptoms of pain and Dis-ease, all of which you can read about as you continue your visit on this website.

Please contact us if you have any questions. We are here to assist you.

“I can’t put into words just how grateful and grace-filled I feel having experienced the gift of Shelly’s healing and presence over the last year. I have experienced the release of my pain, and have rediscovered joy and love in my life. I feel whole, happy, and fully alive.
With the support of Shelly’s “special gift”, I have transformed from a shy, introverted, fearful, closed, and rigid person, to a much more loving, open, giving, trusting, and physically and emotionally free and expressive being.
I am becoming free at last. Free to live my dreams and to be who I have always wanted to be – fully me!
Because of this, I am now finally giving to the world my own “special gift”, my singing.”


Please contact us if you have any questions