Anthony Grzelka

Australia’s Ghost Whisperer

Embraced by those who have lost loved ones and friends, courted by the media and celebrities, Anthony is in demand for his ability to communicate with the dead. Considered to be one of this country’s leading Mediums, this father of three is recognised for his unique talent to connect those seeking confirmation that life exists after death, with a down-to-earth, practical and compassionate approach.

His latest book Spooked contains photographs of unexplained images and leaves readers in no doubt there is more than one kind of ghost that goes bump in the night. Anthony’s two previous books, Medium down Under and Life & Beyond: A Medium’s Guide to Dealing with Life and Loss, have sold thousands of copies.

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Susan Pirovano

Holistic Life Coach / Intuitive

– Tony Robbins

When Life throws us a “curved ball” by way of:

Loss of any kind (Loved Ones, A Job, Financial or Health)

When we find ourselves in dysfunctional relationships and the pain that comes with that.

When we feel out of control of a situation and unable to navigate circumstances (let alone understand them)

How do we find our way out of situations that cause stress and emotional pain in our lives so we can heal and move into a healthier and higher version of ourselves?

Life will eventually hit our “stuff” that is buried deep within us. Our life is full of past pain, trauma and unconscious patterning that we are not aware of until something in our present “triggers” what lays in the subconscious.

Susan @ DIVINE INSIGHT offers on-line sessions:

Session: 2 hrs (includes a 1 hour phone session plus 1 hr Reading)
$160 for the 2 hour appointment
Tools, Support and Distant Healing offered to assist in the ongoing healing ….

For more Info or to book an appointment: Phone/Text: Susan 041 111 7016


I can’t put into words just how grateful and grace-filled I feel having experienced the gift of Shelly’s healing and presence over the last year. I have experienced the release of my pain, and have rediscovered joy and love in my life. I feel whole, happy, and fully alive.
With the support of Shelly’s “special gift”, I have transformed from a shy, introverted, fearful, closed, and rigid person, to a much more loving, open, giving, trusting, and physically and emotionally free and expressive being.
I am becoming free at last. Free to live my dreams and to be who I have always wanted to be – fully me!
Because of this, I am now finally giving to the world my own “special gift”, my singing.


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