Know Your Essence

A Deeply Intimate Soul Searching one day workshop for Women, working through our karmic imbalances, by embracing all aspects of our shadow with love and acceptance, heals our fragmented spirit and allows us to be grounded and present in our bodies.

As we heal our splits in consciousness, and gradually transcend limiting belief systems, cultural conditioning, and childhood traumas, we become integrated into the truth of who we are, and why we are here.

There is no hurry, every step we take in our personal evolution, no matter how big, or small, or how often we take it, is an act of self love, and love is always enough.

Through facing the darkness in your own shadow, you find your destruction, chaos, resistance, and multitudes of disowned selves, along with karmic imbalances, and emotionally painful stored trauma memories. However, as you journey through, more importantly, you also find your authentic power. You find your body and you find your boundaries. You find a light that holds you. You feel connected. You feel safe. You know you are enough.

The workshop will help you create a powerful, expanded and grounded energy field and life-force.


  • Reconnecting with spirit and your own heart
  • Increased ability to connect with others
  • Safe expression of negative emotions
  • Increased vitality, energy, health, agility and release from muscular tension
  • Clarity on personal issues
  • Healthy personal boundaries
  • Greater personal power and self confidence
  • Alleviation of fears, doubts and procrastination
  • The faith, courage and motivation to pursue personal dreams
  • Personal freedom and spontaneity
  • Improved concentration and mental clarity
  • Increased creativity

What is Included:

  • A delicious vegetarian lunch
  • A fresh young coconut

My inner light is shining bright
for all the world to see
I’m smiling at the world now
and my Soul is dancing free.


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