“Having done many energy retreats with Shelly, Pendulum Day is by far one of my favourites. I love how such a simple item in the right hands, effectively highlights the imbalances in my body/energy field which always seem to uniquely correlate with what is going on for me in my life at that time.

Sharing this process in a workshop environment is a unique opportunity to witness the awe we each experience as the process unfolds.

The way that Shelley teaches how to understand not only what the pendulum is doing, but why it is doing it, is very enlightening. It is comforting to watch how that effectively guides Shelly through the process of releasing the blockages which are prohibiting free flowing energy through the chakras. To see a complete turn in my energy field (and others) after the energy release is not only great validation of how energy works, but was also akin to watching a magic trick right before my eyes!”