Conscious Couples / Family Appointments

With your mutual intention and willingness to surrender to a deeper knowing and understanding, Shelly can help you find the truth of what is it you are really trying to express to your partner, and help you hear what it is your partner has been trying to express to you.

Learning the skills of healthy conscious communication is a valuable and necessary tool that most of us were never taught, yet somehow expect ourselves to have. We fall into patterns of misunderstandings and recycling unresolved childhood issues and very often shame based fights, less connection, and more and more heartbreaking disconnect.

The added component that Shelly can bring to traditional couples counselling, are her gifts and skills as an empath and medium.

During your session, Shelly strategically aligns herself directly in the centre of both your energy fields. She does this to ensure that both partners feel equally heard and validated.

Her ability to simultaneously listen to guidance from Spirit, along with using her innate gift as an empath, enables her to tune into the often unconscious, unresolved childhood issues, unexpressed language and therefore misdirected projections, that partners have painfully been hurting each other with.

This sessions can be done in-person, or online if you are not in Bali.

“I’m really glad I pushed past my initial resistance to the couple’s session that my girlfriend had organized, because Shelly acted as the catalyst and connector I didn’t know we needed. Shelly was able to look beyond what we were saying to the energy behind our words, revealing our projections and blind spots with a neutral, honest, and insightful approach. She also filled the space with lightness and humour which made the whole experience land softer but deeper. My partner and I left feeling very grateful and very connected.”


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