“I was given the opportunity to go to a Bali retreat in October I didn’t know what to expect, I’ve been to a number of retreats & workshops in the past, but never in Bali.

I was excited about going, and then my resistance came in and I started thinking & questioning myself, I can’t afford it! Is it the right time for me? Maybe I should just hold off for now? Wow, what a mistake I nearly made.

I have known Shelly for about 15 years now & her work has always been amazing, but to experience all that she has to give in Bali & the gentle, nurturing way in which Shelly operates is experienced ten fold in the calm & spiritual hospitality that Bali is.

From the moment I was greeted by Shelly & her assistant, I was welcomed with open arms.

Thank you for putting the beat back into my heart & the rhythm in my soul & for the wonderful friendships I made while on the retreat.”