Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to do anything to prepare before my appointment?
  • It is good to spend some time in quiet reflection prior to your appointment. You do not need to know exactly what your issue is, but it is important to set some time to listen to yourself, and set your own personal intention to heal.
  • It is advisable to not eat 2 hours prior to your appointment and drink plenty of water
  • This is an active healing session, and you will need to wear loose comfortable clothing, that enables you to move your body.
How many appointments should I have?

Shelly will always say that there not one answer to this question, as every single person is in individual, and every single person is on their own healing journey. She will tell you that your intuition brought you to her for your initial appointment, and she will empower you to trust your intuition as to when, or if you need/want more.

Can I book an appointment for someone else?
  • Whilst we really appreciate every enquiry and referrals we receive, we cannot except bookings on behalf of someone else, as it is important they are investing and connecting their own energy in the entire process of their appointment.
  • The exception being, a parent on behalf of a child (see below)
Does Shelly see Children?
  • Shelly will occasionally accept a child for a healing appointment with her. Unfortunately she cannot allocate the number of appointments she used to be able to for children. Shelly’s energy is constantly evolving, and in following her calling and guidance, she feels that for now at least, the space needs to held for adults.
  • To enquire for the possibility for an appointment for your child, please contact us.
What modality of healing does Shelly do?
  • Shelly is not practicing any particular modality. Please click here for information on Shelly’s work. Learn more.
  • You may also benefit for a deeper understanding of what to expect by reading a few testimonials.
Will this energy work interfere with other modalities of healing I am currently doing?

Absolutely not, any healing is great healing

Can I learn Shelly’s work?

Shelly cannot teach exactly what she does as it is a gift she feels she has been blessed with.

However, Shelly does offer Mentorship programs designed to help guide you into finding your own soul’s plan, and awaken to your soul’s intention, and unique footprint you came here to leave.

Can I record/ film the session?

No, we ask that you please turn your phone off during your appointment.

Can I contact Shelly directly?

No it is not possible for direct contact with Shelly out of your appointment time. Shelly is inundated with people needing her time. With the sheer volume of people just wanting five minutes to ask a question, it would be impossible for Shelly to allocate enough time in her day to do this. Please also bear in mind that to hold space for this many people is physically, and energetically demanding, and requires many hours of behind the scenes commitment and dedication to preparing her body and spirit to enable her to work at the standard she does.

Please contact us if you have other questions or need more information