“I’m really grateful for the beautiful encounter with you yesterday. I still have a light headache and sometimes a feeling of strangling on the neck today. I don’t mind them though. They are like a reminder and a beacon for me to focus on when I work on my body. I liked that the session was intense. I felt like I made a big step.

Thank you for pointing out the blockage and leading me all the way through it. The door had been opened, the bedroom door the little me was so afraid to touch because behind it were death, darkness and a lion. Yesterday, with you by my side, I opened that door. There was no death, and with perfectly bright light, I (we) sat with the lion for a while. That cute little stone lion.

In the end of the session the guide was there. He brought me out of the room, picked up all the little me at lots of corners in the house, and brought them out of the house altogether, hand-in-hand. There were lots of tears. I knew that was a proper goodbye.

I felt as if a very deep space had been understood and cleared up. I am so excited to carry on the journey with the new knowledge I have now. Thank you so much for holding a safe and warm space for me yesterday. That was beautiful. You are beautiful. Wish you a wonderful wonderful day.”