Experience of working with Shelly is beyond words. It is almost impossible to explain the process, as it happens beyond the mind – which is actually the key value add of the experience.

However, the impact is tremendous – she has guided me through some deepest parts, held me as I was facing them and helped me move beyond. With her help, I was able to recongize some of the deep programs that were guiding my decisions and fully release from the grasps of this conditioning.

Shelly is truly one of a kind, I have never encountered anyone nearly like her. Her talent is beyond this realm – she just sees, feels and knows what to do. One thing I would like to stress out in particular is that I she holds you so safe and secured, as it is this trust that I have instinctively placed in her that was the key ingredient I needed to let go and immerse into deep healing and transformation.

To sum up – Shelly is just another level and I am so very grateful to have received this blessing and encouter her in my journey.