“When I first went to see Shelly I was literally dying inside. My heart and soul had been shattered. I was in so much pain physically, emotionally and mentally that I could not even walk, let alone live. My whole reason’s for life had been taken from me and fallen apart. I longed for death to save me from this misery of life. It was not that I’d sat around and did nothing to help myself, no way; I had been seeing a psychiatrist for 2 years, an excellent psychologist for more than 10 years. I had attended many workshops, body and breath work, even Louise Hayes books with mind over matter, positive thought therapy and read many, many self-help books. I attended groups of various sorts, and I am Christian and spent many hours with not only my priest, but a local Bishop. All these avenues did help yet I at my core I was still suffering badly. My story is long, complicated, traumatic and deeply sad. However, I am not here to tell you those details, I am here to say in all honesty, thanks’ to Shelly’s help, the deep pain I lived with, has been lifted and my life has not only been saved, I am now living it. I now also can connect to a deep peace that assists me daily. So what was it that Shelly was able to do that others could not? That’s a really good question. All I can do is give you my own truth and understanding of how Shelly helped me.

When I first visited Shelly I had no idea of what to expect. It was suggested to me by my brother, who has lymphoma cancer and is in miraculous remission, to seek an energy healer. Shelly spent time talking to me and straight away, I felt accepted, warts and all, and felt like I was a worthwhile human. I believe that Shelly is able to connect on a spiritual/energy level to deliver to me a massive amount of love and true compassion. Shelly works on an energy level, the pure energy of divine love. This helps the body and spirit/soul to release the pain within. Giving the cellular memory a chance to heal and reprogram.

The body and soul hold their own memories even after the rational mind has seemingly acknowledged and dealt with its issues. Shelly’s spirit/soul/energy, connenected to mine at that deepest level. I was not suddenly transported to some weird state, I was gently loved back into being as the negative fell away.

Shelly’s gift is divinely given – it is not unique, nor does she claim it to be. Shelly has a deep desire to heal, love, listen, advise and nurture. Shelly’s ability to transmute all the negative energy within is amazing and is the gift of true love and compassion.

Change did not happen overnight, mind you after my first session with her, I was able to walk again. I saw Shelly for weekly appointments for a year, and after each session with her I grew stronger, healthier, wiser and happy, even at times joyful. Shelly has always been readily available to help me when I was scared and alone.

I will always be truly grateful to Shelly for helping me live life once more.
I believe she is an Angel with skin on.”