“I went into the retreat not knowing really what to expect. I had had numerous sessions with Shelley before, but I quickly realised that I was going to experience a lot more at the retreat.

It was the first time that I had gone beyond the confines of a one on one session to a group environment, and I quickly learnt how I had been defending myself during these one on one sessions.

To work with other people and share the experience together provided a great insight into my own process, what was limiting me and what I could do to immerse myself more fully.

I was astounded at the deep levels that others quickly went to, and in time I experienced my own new levels. I discovered aspects of myself that I had never even been aware of before, and I doubt I could have achieved without guidance and help.

I now share a connection with the other participants of an experience that is difficult to explain, profound and lasting. To experience the broken parts of yourselves and others, stand together and work through to the other side leaves you in awe at the potential within those around you and within yourself.

The program was a great mix of work, fun and time for relaxation and contemplation. It was not rushed although elements of it were intense. I didn’t leave the retreat fixed. I still have a lot of work to do, but I have strong sense of knowing and an underlying calm that seems impartial to the turmoil of everyday life.

It is difficult to explain to people what happened, I think that only those who were there could fully appreciate it, but I do know that I am very glad I went and I would go again.

For anyone that is considering the retreat but has been on the fence, I would say take the plunge, have the courage to immerse yourself in the process and trust in the outcome.

As I walked down from the final session at the temple I recall saying “I think the universe just shifted” and so it was that things would never be quite as they were again.”