“Wow, what a journey I have been on with Shelly. The first words that come to mind are exorcism and transformation. And this isn’t to scare people, but is an effort to acknowledge the intensity of Shelly’s work. Shelly forces and brings out the darkness of the pain we are holding within. She is able to physically bring it out of our energetic system, physical body, and emotional self.

I have had many, many healings over the past few years with Shelly and each time it is totally different. My first healing was when I was 20 years old and during this I was able to release so much pain and come to peace with my ex partner who had passed away, feel his presence, really face the pain I had been running from, and truly let go. I released the pain of my childhood, shame, hate and guilt.

In my continuing healing, I have worked through my most recent ex passing away – something which was so brutal on me and really shifted me into another level of expansion. Shelly helped me free myself from dark pain and come to light and forgiveness. She helped me take my power back from when I had it stolen through rape, and made it possible for me to see the guilt and shame I had actually been holding against myself.

I could go on and on, but overall, I can only say follow your calling and book with Shelly, her work is life-changing. Without Shelly, I wouldn’t be the woman, healing practitioner, girlfriend, daughter, and friend I am today. Love you, Shelly, thank you!”