“My healing with Shelly took me on a journey of self realisation. When she asked what problems i thought were affecting me, i mentioned my ancestral wounds that i had discovered through Shamanic work. Shelly explained these can be healed by ourselves in the present moment, as that is the ultimate point in our lives where transformation can take place. This allowed me to look at how i had been affected by this and come to a point of ownership with everything, after understanding how i got there.

I did not feel grounded as a child, and so felt like i did not belong. This brought shame along with not being good enough, when in reality life is a true miracle. By us even being born, we are more than deserving of a place on Earth, along with all the other beings. Shame breeds addiction along with perfection, workaholics, avoidance, etc. These form a tormenting circle, with one feeding the other.

This affected the 3 lower chakras and my throat, so it was time to shift some blockages. As i lay down, we prepared to move the energy. First i would lie on my back and ground my feet and palms on the floor, these are the points in which the stuck energy travels out.

I then did some leg movements, bringing down my knees together to form a circuit then back down to the floor. Afterwards i moved my pelvis up and down to awaken the areas that reflected my suppression as a child. As i breathed out i let out any vocal noises that came up. We continued this for some time as the heat in my face built up, i could feel the shift. Peace came at the end and Shelly handed me over to my guides as they come in to assist and praise the work achieved.

Shelly’s healing was most welcoming and brought out some things that i had not picked up on. She is an amazing down to earth lady. People need honesty to be able to recognize and own their stuff and move on.

A lot has broken down materialistically this week, building up to and during, flights and holidays cancelled, fridge broke, wall leaking, van needs to go, (I keep dreaming of fixing plumbing), it’s like everything’s purging.. I can definitely see a pattern!!!

Thank you to both Shelly and Kerry for providing an amazing experience.”