“I was fortunate to have a healing with Shelly earlier this year, and it was a truly incredible experience.

Being a qualified reiki practitioner and having been on my own path of spiritual development for many years, I thought I had seen/experienced a good amount of healing and what was possible. I now know that I had only scratched the surface.

Shelly is a profoundly amazing healer, and it really felt to me like she put her whole being into my journey when she did the session with me. I didn’t know healing like that existed. I felt myself journey back to a specific time of trauma, but this time I was not alone. I felt like Shelly went back there with me, and stayed with me supporting me while I found the way out, if that makes sense. Trauma is indeed felt as its released, but you won’t take this journey alone.

During the session I felt very safe and held, and even though it was an intense experience, I felt very in control. It takes a great deal of courage to revisit and heal past trauma’s, to be willing to experience something again in order to release it.

I’m proud of my own courage, and so very grateful for the endless courage and pure love Shelly must have in her heart to take this journey with so many.”