“We recently attended the One day workshop for couples and for me, the measure of how good the workshop was, was based on my very reluctant husband (who tried to pull out even the day before) – he enjoyed it! and even asked if there were any more courses we could do!

I also want to say that I enjoyed the format where we worked on ourselves in the morning and with partners in the afternoon. I was pleased that we felt comfortable with the other couples which was great and we even had lots of laughs.

At the end of the day I felt like I had really spent time with my husband, as in a lot of time. When you first meet someone you are really focused on each other and almost forget everything else in life and that is how I felt in the afternoon. It was as if in 1 hour I had spent many many hours with my husband, just us. It was really nice.

The biggest benefit for me is that he is more affectionate towards me now which I am very happy about! So thank you and we are definitely keen to do more!”