“Shelly’s work is life-changing!
I was living a life trapped in darkness and I was afraid of everything. This was until I started working with Shelly. The journey so far has been challenging, scary and not easy at times but the outcome is so worth it.

My growth had been slow until the last few years when it started to escalate. This was when Shelly started to practice in Bali and we were doing phone consults. The work intensified so much, it had me tapping into places I had been previously too scared to own and acknowledge.
Because of this expanded growth, I recently participated in Shelly’s 8 week Mentorship Program. It was and still is phenomenally life-changing! Everything is so positively different now. I am so happy and grateful to Shelly to have been part of this, it just blows me away how much I have changed.
With Shelly’s incredible lessons, guidance and full support, plus an abundance of unconditional love and patience, I am finally starting to practice self-love and starting to feel my self-worth. This is huge for me as in the past these things were practically non-existent. I’m acknowledging more behaviours and experiencing so much more joy and happiness.
From someone who’s life has dramatically changed, I highly recommend Shelly to support you in your soul’s healing journey to find your authentic self.
Thank you Shelly xx”