Womens Retreat

Womens Retreat

Many of us in the Western world have forgotten or may have never been taught what indigenous women have always known: that the connectedness between women is a vital source of comfort, nurturing and sustenance. Since time began they have honoured and valued the importance of a sacred bond between women. Their lives and the lives of their families have been enriched by the support and strength gained from this ancient wisdom.

Our souls are yearning to return to this celebration of sisterhood and unity!

Soul to Soul,
Heart to Heart,
Sister to Sister…

The Benefits of the Retreat will be:

  • A weekend to experience the healing power of our coming together as women
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the inner regions of your own personality and consciousness
  • A safe place to create faith, trust and complete surrender
  • Relaxing, Nurturing, Supportive, Dynamic, Uplifting, Fun, Creative, Spiritual
  • Dissolve the blocks that cause us to not fully trust each other and therefore keep us seperate
  • Enable you to take 100% responsibility for your own healing and remain true to yourself

I’ve been on two of Shelly’s retreats and never thought I would attend more than one. My experience on the first retreat was so amazing and mind blowing that I knew I had to go back. I’ve just returned from my second retreat and now I’m considering a third! They continue to get better for me.

Shelly is a beautiful, loving lady with a special gift. The environment you’re in at the villa feels safe and comfortable, enabling participants to be really open. Her staff understand the process and are warm and supportive.

If you’ve ever considered doing a retreat but something has held you back, I say do it! Trust Shelly and the process – I couldn’t recommend it more highly!

~ Kirsty

“There are these moments, in everyone’s life that longs for a deeper connection within themselves, whether it is more joy, more love, more peace, more bliss. These moments sometimes come as a crisis, sometimes as a gentle whisper from the soul, sometimes from being in a sad or difficult place, sometimes by pure fate or a push from their loved ones leading them there. Whatever the reason that has brought you to the journey of finding yourself, once embarked, living in your authentic self is the reward. I came to the retreat not knowing what would come of it, all I knew was I had a pull to go. I was welcomed into the most tranquil villa, so spacious, so beautiful, so peaceful, so sacred. I immediately felt safe. The staff greet you every morning with such joy and warmth. Shelly, fully gives everything she has to you in your group sessions with her. She is 100% committed to your journey and if you surrender to the process you can be assured she pulls you out the other side, and the other side is so beautiful. The inner peace that came from this retreat for me is priceless. I am so greatful for the retreat that energetically freed me from the chaos that was going on inside. My experience was so unique and so magical, I will cherish it forever. For this was the time in my life where I came home to myself. I found myself and I loved it. What greater gift can one be led to? Bliss”