“All my life I’ve had digestive issues. In fact all my friends knew about it, it plagued my life and was a continuous source of pain in my life. I have spent years and countless dollars trying to fix my body.

My stomach issues have always been the huge question mark in my life and the ongoing pain of it all triggered and elicited so many other emotions of helplessness, insecurity and loads of uncertainty.

Then I met Shelly. After working with Shelly only twice, my digestive system is completely healed.

I was dependent on probiotics to be healthy.

I realized a whole week had passed and I COMPLETELY FORGOT TO TAKE MY PROBIOTICS!!

This would’ve been a huge no no in the past as my body would’ve screamed at me, “Give me those damn pills!”

But I didn’t need them… my body was perfectly and beautifully performing on its own.

Shelly also intuitively felt I needed more coconuts in my diet, so I’ve been taking a coconut powder daily here in Bali.

To have this is such a huge gift… they say the stomach is the second brain… I’m so eternally grateful that this very important part of my body is now flowing with grace and ease.

Shelly you are a gift to this world and a safe place for the heart. Love you very much.”