“Shelly Towns has a gift.

And not just the gift of being a beautiful person with true leadership qualities, or the inspiring role model of a strong independent, empowered and yet gentle, giving and compassionate woman.

Her gift is an innate, God – given, divinely inspired ability to heal others with her deep muscle bodywork and body psychotherapy. And I know this because I have been lucky enough to have had extensive personal “hands on” experience of her gift, and how it has transformed my life.

I started seeing Shelly sporadically from the beginning of 1999, but when I began to see the wonderful healing occurring from her sessions, I began to see her regularly, on her once – monthly visits up to Perth.

She holds an amazingly sacred space in her workroom; a feeling of peace and safety that can actually be “felt” when you step into the room, and it is a testament to her integrity, love and the presence of God, Spirit, divinity in her work.

When things aren’t flowing in my life, Shelly has been able to pin – point with divinely inspired accuracy what and where my energy is blocked and held in my body, energy that has been suppressed from certain childhood traumas and/or experiences. Through her bodywork, I have been able to release the pain, fear, anger and suppressed emotions, freeing me from the negative effects of those traumas and experiences for ever.

Her ability to perceive and move this blocked energy in my body, and energy field and to release it, enabling it to flow back through my body, has had amazingly profound and healing effects in my life, and in my ability to love and connect with other people. Each session leaves me feeling lighter, freer, and more happier and more in touch with who I am as a person, why I have come here, and what I have to give to the world as well.

After visiting Albany in November 1999 and also over the new year, and having more frequent sessions with Shelly in that time, and in attending one of her profound and inspiring bi – monthly Energetic discussion evenings, I began to realise intuitively that it would be of great benefit to my healing if I actually moved to Albany for a period of time and saw Shelly on a more frequent basis – i.e. weekly or fortnightly.

When a friend “coincidentally” needed her house in Albany looked after for a few months while travelling overseas, I didn’t hesitate and moved down to Albany, and it has been amazing. The healing has compounded with the more frequent sessions and I almost feel like a different person to the one that came down to Albany, only a few short months ago.

I can’t put into words just how grateful and graced I feel in knowing Shelly, and in being able to experience the gift of her healing hands and presence over the last year, both of which have helped to release my pain, have brought back joy and love into my life and have led me to become a whole, happy and functioning individual once again.

An individual who has transformed with the help of Shelly’s “gift”, from a shy, introverted, fearful, closed and rigid person, to a much more loving, open, giving, trusting and physically and emotionally free and expressive being. A being that can make her dreams become a reality – dreams that were once seen as just that; as “dreams”. I am becoming free at last. Free to be what I always wanted to be. Free to be me.

And in being free to be me, I am now finally giving to the world my own special “gift”; my singing. So it is not just me that my sessions with Shelly has affected. For, with the snowball effect of what my healing can give to others, and what all her other clients’ healing can give, Shelly’s work is reaching out into the community, eventually even out into the world, helping to make all our lives and this world a happier, joyful and more loving place for everyone to live in.
Thank you, Shelly.”