“Shelly Towns’ work room does not have designer furniture, cushions, objects or works of art; it is not air conditioned; and the dreaded roller lurks against the wall… and yet I love this place. It is sacred and it is safe. It is a place of sanctuary and discovery, a place where I come home to me. And while I am there, this room is mine. There are no expectations on me to be one way or another. Whatever I do or say, I am met with the constancy of Shelly’s love, her extraordinary capacity to perform the work she does, and always an acceptance of whichever part of me shows up on the day.

Sessions with Shelly are an invitation to do my work, to see things differently, to understand more fully, to heal, and to love. It is up to me which invitations I accept and how much I am willing to participate. And wherever I am willing to go, Shelly unflinchingly goes with me.

So precious is this place and this woman, so vital is this time and this work for my healing and understanding, for my spirit and my sanity, that I do not think of it in terms of any cost or inconvenience or hardship. It is simply a must in my life. I would unhesitatingly get myself there were I ever in need – no matter from where, no matter how much it cost. I know the feeling of the love and the healing, and of coming ever closer to the truth of who I really am, in every cell of my being.

Shelly’s calm certainty and the space she makes for me in her heart, as well as her room, have made it possible to deal with crises in my life in ways which have caused no harm to myself or others, and which have left me with a much more open heart, and a lot less emotional pain.

The most profound gift of working with Shelly is knowing that I am the mistress of creating safe and sacred space for myself and others. To speak my truth and keep my heart open is my purpose – whatever, whenever, whoever. Thank you, room! Thank you, Shelly!”