“I have been seeing Shelly for roughly a year, and in that time I believe the results of this incredibly caring and loving persons work, have stood out tremendously. During a session with Shelly, I can see that this is not just a job for her. The care and encouragement she gives me goes beyond my expectations. I have never been to see Shelly and felt unwelcome, or that she wasn’t giving it 100%. I have her undivided attention, and I know that whatever journey we take that day, is a journey that I will benefit from. During tough times or rough times I can guarantee that when I turn for help, Shelly is the one that appears ready with open arms to help me get through. No problem is too big or too hard for her to tackle. The bigger the problem the higher she steps up to help me take it on.

Shelly’s honesty, her gentle nature and her willingness to help, is something to be admired. This lady has a huge heart, and gives a small part of it to so many people that walk through her doors. No matter what I have said and no matter what I have done, I know by telling Shelly, or working it through with her that I will receive no judgement, or negative responses. My life has taken a positive turn, and I owe a lot of it to this talented and gifted human being Shelly Towns. I can honestly say in a positive sense that i am a total different person to what I was a year ago, and there is nothing in the time I have spent with Shelly that I regret.

To see Shelly’s hard work and dedication is truly inspirational, she has helped me from her own personal experiences and I think she is living proof of just how good life can be.”