“Hi Kerry,
I have to admit I was somewhat skeptical regarding ‘distance healing’, though in seeing Shelly before and after your recommendation i was certainly very glad to have booked my session.

I had a very ‘celestial’ experience and Shelly was able to channel in with a very dear friend ‘soul sister’ of mine who past many years ago, we would be the same age today. We laughed, I cried and cried some more. Needless to say I have zero doubts on the ‘effectiveness’ of a ‘distance healing’ and recommended it to both my mum and a close friend.

I feel empowered and comforted at this stage, knowing what steps that should be taken, because ultimately I’m being guided with only the best intentions for my life at the forefront. It was certainly a timely reminder to ‘take my power back’ in a mindful manner and remember who I am and what I’m capable of.

Please thank Shelly on my behalf. I gained so much from that 1 hour, it actually took me another 1 hour to come out from & ‘function’ after the call, and yes i’ve been drinking a lot of water, Haha.

I’m certain I’ll book in with Shelly again when the timing is right. Though I’ve got a lot of work to do first, yet I’m so positive and optimistic about my future, and that 1 hour ‘WhatsApp’ call just really brought it all together for me. Thank you again.”