“I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Shelly for all of your help and healing support during my retreat in July 2014.

The experience was perfect in every way. I am so very grateful to have met you last September and that the Universe supported us coming together again.

I feel different in a really amazing way, and am finding little adjustments in my life which help enable me to continue to support the positive changes from the emotional layers released. A couple of obvious ways it has presented itself in my life back home is a change in my addictive behaviors … I had fallen into a habit of drinking a glass or two of wine most nights and was smoking on and off (mostly on!). Since returning from the retreat, I have replaced my wine with lemon in warm water and no craving (mental, emotional or physical) for cigarettes. I think, for me, there is a deeper sense of love for myself in some way.

I am also feeling that ‘big love’ is mine. That my true love is looking for me and will present himself in a lovely and surprising way which warms my heart!

Meanwhile, on my work front, I am gaining more and more courage every day to take the leap of faith and create a new program and role for myself, which I believe contributes to the value and authentic connection people feel in their work systems.

Every day on the retreat, following our healing sessions and before I went to sleep at night, I was overwhelmed with a feeling of how lucky I was to be in that space. So very lucky to have had the healing experiences and be surrounded by the care of yourself and all of your beautiful team who have added such a very special part to my story.

Thank you so very much and much love to you all. I hope you are smiling in life and love.”