“I attended the weekend retreat with Chelsea & Shelly and it was magical.

I was having some body pain and I knew I was in my head about it.

I’ve done so much “work” so my ego was like you should be able to do this yourself and I was beating myself up.

The truth was I couldn’t do it alone. I needed some love & support.

I’m so freaking glad I took the leap. My soul knew I needed this deep connection with women.

The ceremonies Chelsea & Shelly led were so healing, and being in a safe place with all women was next level.

In between sessions we went to the waterfall which was epic. I was able to completely reset.

I went from being so hard on myself, and feeling ashamed for not being perfect, to singing at the top of my lungs “I’m Proud Of Myself!”

What really helped me as a successful entrepreneur was Chelsea & Shelly’s honesty and vulnerability.

It’s hard to put into words the radical energy you feel when you’re ? supported and tapped in with strong, kind women who have your back.

I’ve done a lot of work living in Bali for 10 years and this was the best.

I’m so grateful for the truths they helped me uncover.

My life force was literally unleashed and my heart is so full of unconditional love and peace.

If you’re ready to change your life and have fun, I highly recommend you do a retreat with them.”