“From the moment I was in Shelly’s presence, I could feel her power.

The way she guided my experience and held me with such precision, has left me in absolute awe as I continue to reflect on, and recount what happened in the session.

The way Shelly masterfully conducted my energy, was truly God’s work.

I felt so safe in her hands, so trusting of her, and of myself to go to the depths of where I needed to go to receive the deepest, cellular level healing.

What I unearthed, untethered from and unleashed was EXACTLY what I needed. Ever since my session I have felt so in my heart and truly so at peace. Like never before.

The purifying shift in my energy has impacted my relationship with my husband and my daughters in the most HEAVENLY ways. I have cried many tears of gratitude and joy.

I have been talking about Shelly to everyone I know, singing her praises and spreading the word of her unique gifts.

I want to thank Shelly once again from the core of my being and every crevice of my heart, and I am so looking forward to being in her presence again when I return to Bali.

My Soul has always called me to this land it calls home… Shelly is without a doubt one of the powerful reasons I know why now.

From my healed heart to yours xo”