Blessed am I to have met Shelly Towns.

I am fortunate to have crossed paths with Shelly twelve months ago. Since that time she has been my body therapist and teacher.

Shelly has many special gifts. She is extremely authentic and emulates an enormous amount of integrity in her work.

My life process has shifted dramatically since working with Shelly. I feel that she creates a safe, nurturing environment from the moment that I enter her beautiful room. She utilizes her knowledge, skills and her amazing gifts from the divine to intuitively work out the process that needs to unfold in every session.

Shelly with her gentleness has guided me to places that I now have the courage to face. She has gained my trust and helped to assist and challenge me with love, truth and honesty.

It is a unique experience to find such a kindred teacher that your soul is able to trust.

Thank you god for the gift of Shelly Towns.