“A few months ago I had a session with Shelly and it changed my life, I was going through a bad time and I felt quite lost. Shelly is a very special person.
My session was very intense and painful, but because I needed to get out everything I had inside, and although I had a bad time at the moment, the result afterward was very positive. It helped me get rid of the pain I was carrying inside and see everything more clearly to move in the right direction. For this reason, after a few months, I decided to give my partner a session with her. My boyfriend was a bit lost at that time and I felt like he needed a push to move forward, and I knew that Shelly would be the best option. I was a little bit worried because he’s very skeptical about these topics of energy, personal growth, etc. so I didn’t know how he would react, but he finished his session super happy, he described it as if he had been “reborn” and had finally understood many things about his past and how they had been affecting him to this day.
I sincerely believe that everyone should see Shelly at least once in their life, it is so much learning in one session that it is very difficult to explain, but without a doubt a wonderful experience.
Thank you Shelly for your beautiful work and thank you to her assistant Kerry to organize everything and checking on us after the sessions, you make us feel so loved and special.”