“I have worked with Shelly Towns for 2 years and have found her to be a gifted, perceptive, supportive, honest and loving therapist.

Shellys intergration of Body-work and Bodymind Psychotherapy, has allowed me the freedom to express and expose my true feelings about all aspects of my life, and past that I couldn’t access without working with my body, and the unconscious material held in my cells.

This is especially so with emotions that have not been allowed _expression in the past, and have kept me stunted emotionaly in my life. It has given me the courage to face and heal painful and dysfunctional parts of my life, in my behaviour, relationships, and beliefs.

In a way that would probably not be possible without work with the body, my work with Shelly has also connected me back to my spirit and to God. I highly recommend her as a therapist and as an avenue to healing and expansion in your life.”