“I feel loose, my inner child wanted to be heard. The energy shifted from my feet, to my knees, to my sacral/root chakra (which was very blocked).

My spine held onto so much emotion and pain as a young child, up until now, resulting in a physical deformation (what we know as scoliosis, and as a young child I got scoliosis surgery). Shelly sensed the “twist” in me prior to knowing I had scoliosis surgery.
She assisted in moving the energy which was stored in my hips, back, and neck all these years, and sending it out.

I felt the energy move through my body as I breathed and cried out with forgiveness. Feeling the stagnant energy exit my physical body and allowing love to enter and live inside of me and most importantly, give love to my inner child who’s been unheard/ shying away from the pain all these years.

I woke up the next day feeling loose and reborn. What used to crack and cramp in my spine and neck seemed to have diminished.

Thank you spirits for being present to allow me to experience such a deep healing process, and thank you Shelly for holding space and channeling your divine gifts to this world.

I have much clarity now and I am open to dive deeper when divine time permits! I love you sister!”