“When I went to Besakih temple to meditate with a small group of people and Shelly, it was an experience I will never forget.

We meditated with the Mangku on different levels of the temple corresponding to the bodies chakras. On different levels I could feel intense warmth in my body area corresponding to the level that we meditated.

After our last meditation on the top level, Shelly touched my forehead and back whilst the Mangku squeezed one of my toes. Instantly a great energy began In my body, starting in my core and it spread until my whole body began to shake. This was not an unpleasant experience and when the Mangku touched my toes again, it happened for the second time. When this finished, I experienced the most peaceful feeling in my life. I felt so much a part of nature, and also felt as if I could float away to the clouds. The Mangku explained that because my chakras were clear that the earths energy was flowing through my body.

I would recommend doing this with Shelly to receive the gift of a greater understanding of ourselves and meditation.”