“A friend once said to me he was just waiting to die and that he felt this life was just a stepping stone to his next life. I remember thinking how sad that was and not being able to understand it.

That was until I found myself thinking the same way.

When my sister invited me to join her at Shelley’s retreat, I must admit I was struggling to justify spending that kind of money. Another retreat to “find myself” seemed futile. Experience proved that finding Me was proving to be harder than finding Nemo! I went because a series of misfortune meant that 1, I was able to afford it and 2, I was not currently working.

I believe now that those ‘misfortunes’ were indeed the Universe’s way of ensuring I didn’t miss out! With a completely holistic and nurturing approach Shelley and her amazing team were able to start cracking through my barriers.

Unless you have experienced one of Shelley’s retreats, it is so very hard to describe. Set in a very spiritual and calm environment, myself and the other four participants began our retreat. Each person had their own journey and therefore had a different experience. I feel we were all destined to be together, because the therapy (especially the laughter) and support amongst ourselves only enhanced the work we were doing with Shelly. I loved that the retreat was a combination of therapies that complimented each other to achieve amazing results.

For me, however, it is just the start of my journey, and it is a journey I intend to continue. I have had so many moments of clarity and realisation since my return home. I feel I finally have some direction. I don’t know exactly what I will end up doing or when, but I know where I’m heading….and for me that is worth every cent I spent and more!!

The value on that type of calm is priceless. It turns out finding Me is proving to be just as adventurous and rewarding as finding Nemo!

To Shelly and her team, and to my fellow retreat buddies…….

Thank You.”