“I was told about Shelly through mates and i had her number for about 6 weeks before intrigue got the better of me. I dropped her a message and luckily i got an appointment the following week, as in busier times i know she can have a waiting list of up to 6 months.

The experience i can only say is a bizarre therapy with lots of primal child like crying and wailing. I am not particularly spiritual, but i was taken aback by what shelly saw in my soul and she was right on point when figuring out the energy that i held such pain within me, and was holding me back.

I have shifted so much already within my life regarding my family, my relationships and my career. Feeling lighter and more positive…. This is something i have never experienced before and never thought was possible to be honest.

I am so grateful to Shelly and her team for the after care and correspondence throughout. Thank you so much, keep us the fantastic work.”